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ITB 171 - Science, Technology and Society

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to familiarize the students with the concepts of science and technology in relation to the foundations and institutions of modern society and to facilitate critical reflection on them. The aim is to provide the students the classical definitions of these concepts, the new meanings they acquired in 20th Century, as well as the pro and contra debates on science and technology, so that they could form their own critical views on these topics.

Course Description

By being founded on the “free” individual, the concepts and the institutions of science and technology in modern societies are different from those in other forms of societies. The capacity and the responsibility of modern man to control his/her powers resulting from science and technology became more important in the context of increasing use of science and technological power in warfare and for profits sake. The relationship between the understanding of science and technology and their institutions going back to the Renaissance and the Modern period and their entanglements with the foundations of modern society and their forms in 20th century establish the core of this course. The course will particularly address the relationship between the definitions of the concepts of science and technology and their ties to one of the central pillars of modern society, i.e., to capital and its role in shaping the institutions of science and technology. The course will open discussions on the role of the intellectuals and responsible citizens in the development of science and technology.

Course Coordinator
Arif Çağlar
Course Language
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