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MUH 212E - Data Analysis

Course Objectives

1. To teach using arrays as a data structures, and basic operations on thes structures
2. To teach representation of linked lists, insert and delete operations, stack and queues, use of
dynamics memory
3. To show importance of trees as data structures, to teach the use of them in algorithm analysis
and database systems
4. To teach hash functions and tables
5. To teach representation of graphs, depth-first searching, breadth-first search, topological sorting

Course Description

Arrays: one and multi dimensional arrays, basic searching and sorting algoritms. Lists: one and double
linked lists, circular linked lists. Stacks and queues, insert and delete operations. Trees: binary search trees,
balanced binary tree (AVL and AA trees), tree traversals, heap and heapsort. General trees, B-trees. Hash
function and table. Graphs, representation of graphs, depth-first search, breadth-first search, topological

Course Coordinator
Kamil Oruçoğlu
Course Language
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