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FIZ 374E - Methods of Experim.Physics I

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are learning and application the knowledge about
• The experimental design and the components of an experiment
• The techniques about the analyzing the experimental data and the error
• Sensors, types and the application areas of the sensors
• Grounding, noise, sources and the techniques to reduce the effect of the noise
• Computer based data acquisition systems and controlling the experimental setup by computer
• The techniques to recover signal from a noisy environment

Course Description

An overview of the experimental physics and experimental design, analyzing the experimental data and the error, different types of data (optical, electrical, acoustical, …) and different techniques to collect the data, sensors and detectors, noise, sources of the noise, the techniques to reduce the effect of the noise, grounding, data acquisition systems via computer.

Course Coordinator
Ali Gelir
Course Language
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