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ITB 209E - Turkey in World Affairs

Course Objectives

This course aims:
1. To familiarize students with the key contemporary issues and problems pertaining to
Turkey's relations with the world,
2. To provide students with the theoretical perspectives available in explaining and
understanding global politics,
3. To encourage students to think analytically and critically about political, economic,
and cultural dynamics in Turkey in the light of the complexity of problems posed by
contemporary global politics,
4. To help students develop their oral and writing skills to communicate effectively
about these issues.

Course Description

his course is intended to provide students with the intellectual tools and background knowledge that will assist them in developing their own theoretically informed analysis of the issues that pertain to Turkey’s relation with the world. The course is comprised of four units. The first unit aims to familiarize students with the conceptual and theoretical tools for analyzing global politics. The second unit takes as its focus Turkish foreign policy and investigates the historical roots, trends, and dynamics that shape the foreign policy agenda, paying particular attention to the period since the end of the Cold War. The third unit takes a “global turn” and investigates the ways in which globalization of security, global political economy, and emergence of global norms influence Turkey’s domestic politics and foreign policy. The fourth section attends to Turkey’s relations with specific countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Euroasia, and the Middle East.

Course Coordinator
Ayşe Sözen Usluer
Course Language
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