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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Olasılık ve İstatistik 2017 2018
English Probability and Statistics
Course Code
MAT 271E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Meltem Yanılmaz
Meltem Yanılmaz
Course Objectives Inform and teach to engineering students the main probability and statistical methods with techniques for gaining interpretation of their interesting area data.
Course Description Product rule, permutation, combination, concept of Probability (Kolmogorov axioms), conditional probability and independency, random variables, Probability density function, distribution function, discrete disributions: Bernoulli, Binomial, Poisson, continuous distributions: Normal, Gamma, Exponential, Expectation, Moment generating function, mean, variance, standart deviation, covariance, correlation, Chebchev’s inequality, Estimator and its properties, maximum likelihood estimators, Confidence intervals, Hypothesis testing, One and two sample test for means, Regression.
Course Outcomes Solve permutation and combination problems
2. Graps the probability, conditional probabilities and random variables concepts.
3. Solving reel life problems in the engineering by using statistical methods.
4. Understand the details about the probability functions and apply them to engineering problems
5. Compute the measures of central tendency and dispersion.
6. Understand the statistical tests
7. Construct One and two sample test for means and do the test.
8. Learn and apply regression analysis
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