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AFY 541 - Indivudual and Community Disaster Education

Course Objectives

Introduction to disaster preparedness: Disaster preparedness messages and curriculum, case study of disaster, consequences of hazards and hazard analysis case study. Govermental responses to disasters: organizational inertia, governmental responsibilities and public expectations. Citizen perception of disasters: Citizen perception of risk, citizen disaster denial, disaster mythology, disaster ethics and responsibility. General approach to disaster preparedness education: Preparedness education–implications from research, developing a community profile, high risk populations, disaster and children–impact and coping responses, disaster preparedness training in schools, individual disaster education for children in schools, agencial preparedness for the elderly and people with disabilities, preparedness in high risk residential structures.

Course Description

In this course
Impacts of disasters on individuals and communities,
Community-based hazard analysis,
Community disaster and risk perception
Role of local governments on disaster planning,
Community disaster preparedness and planning
Successful sustainable education programs are discussed.

Course Coordinator
Didem Saloğlu Dertli
Course Language
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