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AFY 511E - Principles.of Disaster & Emergency Management

Course Objectives

Concepts and definitions: emergency, disaster, emergency and disaster management, history of disaster, all hazards natural disasters (atmospheric and hyrological disasters, geological and seismic disasters), technological disasters (dam failures, fires, traffic incidents, hazardous materials, nuclear accidents) hazard and hazard analysis / disaster management phases (prevention, preparedness, response, recovery mitigation,) / resource management: need to supplement resources, private sector resources, all stakeholders and roles: (public, private sector, central and local government), framework of an integrated emergency and disaster management system: coordination, cooperation, communication, and capacity building, chain of command system in disaster management, applications and case studies, emergency and disaster management proficiency.

Course Description

• To give a global view for the principles of emergency & disaster management
• To define all the needed phases of emergency and disaster management and the participants and their roles
• Depending on the emergency manager and his responsibilities do define the trends and behaviors in emergency &disaster management in the past, nowadays and the needs in the future from this viewpoint or framework, thus to give an idea of life long learning and to get experience.

Course Coordinator
Hikmet İskender
Course Language
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