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BLU 513E - Fuzzy Log.Pr.for Sci.&En.App.

Course Objectives

1. Learning fuzzy logic and principles.
2. Learning the high potential usage of fuzzy logic which is combined with the natural logic of the mind and of the principles of logic, in scientific and engineering areas.
3. Learning how to solve very complex problems without formulations in order to control and predict concerned phenomena with fuzzy logic and principles.
4. Learning how to model for the solution of many current problems with fuzzy logic rules.

Course Description

Uncertainty Concepts; Classical Sets and Characteristic Values; Fuzzy Sets and Membership Degrees; Membership Functions; Fuzzification; Fuzzy Set Operations, And, Or and Not; Fuzzy Relationships; Fuzzy Mathematics, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division; Fuzzy Rule Base, “if-then”; Fuzzy Logic Propositions, Predicates, Consequents and Decisions; Defuzzification, Fuzzy Rules and Systems, Applications.

Course Coordinator
Gülcihan Özdemir
Course Language
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