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BLU 611E - Sig.Proces.Met.in Wirele.Com.1

Course Objectives

1) Teaching mathematical methods that shall be a basis for their PhD studies on wireless
communications area.
2) Developing background knowledge on signal processing and channel estimation and channel
equalization, which are the key elements of wireless communications.
3) Formation of a basis on communication system design by providing the current state-of-art on channel equalization and estimation.

Course Description

Introduction to signal processing and its application in communications. Discrete-time signals.
Introduction to Fourier analysis. Fourier series, discrete-time Fourier transform (DTFT), discrete
Fourier transform (DFT). Fast Fourier transform (FFT). Discrete-Time Systems (LTI filters.
Convolution and modulation. Difference equations. FIR vs IIR, stability issues.) Interpolation
and Sampling. Sampling theorem. Aliasing. Quantization. A/D and D/A converters. Z-transform.
FIR design methods. IIR design methods. Filter structures. Stochastic Signal Processing.
Random processes. Spectral representation. Multi-rate signal processing. Upsampling and
downsampling. Oversampling. Digital communication system design. Introduction to channel
estimation and equalization. Channel estimation and equalization using higher order statistics.
Performance bounds for blind channel estimation. Subspace method for blind identification and

Course Coordinator
Lütfiye Durak Ata
Course Language
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