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IYB 507E - Innov.&Techn.Manag.in Const.

Course Objectives

1.To give students information on innovation concepts, models of innovation and innovation systems. 2.To give information on the business and communication environments that will help distinguish innovation opportunities, develop and/or transfer ideas leading innovations.3.To improve their management skills about change managementand technology management.4.To make them perceive the importance of institutions and collaborative networks that enable successful innovation practices, diffusion of innovations, trademark and intellectual property protection

Course Description

Concept of innovation and processes, R&D and technology transfer, Innovation models and systems, Institutionalization and diffusion of innovations, Drivers and barriers of innovation, Innovation management, Innovation in Construction industry, Product innovation, Process innovation, Organizational innovation, Market innovation, Information and Communication Technologies, New trends in innovation

Course Coordinator
Sefer Baday
Course Language
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