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GIT 508 - Special Topics İn GIS

Course Objectives

• This course consists of tutorials, readings, projects, and discussions concerned with the
ways in which geographic information systems facilitate data analysis and communication
to address common geographic problems.
• Based on a selected specific GIS project, students who successfully complete the course
are able to use GIS software to analyze both vector and raster data using a variety of
techniques, including spatial and attribute queries, map overlay, and buffering.
• It is also aimed that students also gain experience in designing and producing effective

Course Description

The course contains a term project, readings, and a presentation. After week-10 lessons will
consist of a final project that addresses a real-world analytical scenario using vector and raster
GIS. Perform spatial and attribute queries. Use geoprocessing operations to produce new
datasets. Creation workflows demonstrating skills learned in the course with outlined steps,
procedures and data necessary for a GIS project

Course Coordinator
Zaide Duran
Course Language
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