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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Hesaplamalı Bilim ve Mühendislikte Özel Konular
English Special Topic.in Comp.Sci.&Eng
Course Code
HBM 697E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Mustafa Serdar Çelebi
Course Objectives To define the student's PhD thesis topic and measure the student's ability to conduct research on his/her research area and develop his/her research skills and capability.
Course Description In this course, It is demonstrated to students that how to conduct a comprehensive literature review on his/her research area and evaluate how to compare the research methods and mathematical models in his/her protective PhD thesis. This course requires either to identify how to make an added value in which area, method, model and algorithm of his/her PhD research or to conduct a small research project targeting a sub field of his/her thesis topic by the graduate student.
Course Outcomes
Required Facilities
Other References
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