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BLU 626 - Law of Cyber Security and Cyber Defense

Course Objectives

1)This course will address cross-border implications of development and uses of ICTs and the resulting security concerns.
2)It will familiarize the students with international law applicable to cross-border cyber conflict and discuss national security and defense aspects of ICTs.
3)The students will learn to understand how uses of ICTs affect international security and how to resolve relevant issues under international law and policy.

Course Description

Network and information security incidents. Legal framework of countering cybercrime Regulation of ICTs. National security law. Problems in national and international cybersecurity and defense. International and regional network and information security regulations. International cyber law and policy development. Application of international law to uses of ICTs: the UN Charter and international cybersecurity. Application of international law to uses of ICTs: the law of state responsibility. International humanitarian law and cyberspace. Non-binding rules in cybersecurity discourse

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Akif Yazıcı
Mustafa Şenol
Course Language
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