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IYB 560E - Executive and Group Decision Making in the Construction Sector

Course Objectives

1. to provide students practical techniques and decision support tools those help them to solve decision problems,
2. to enable students to integrate judgments with other types of information in a logical and defensible manner,
3. to improve students’ decision making skills, their ability to analyze problems systematically, and their confidence in their own decision making.

Course Description

This course introduces various methods focusing on group decision making. The students will be provided the context for, the scope of, similarities and the differences in, the breadth and the debt of decision making processes and techniques. Decision making problems, decision making under uncertainty and under risk, multiple criteria decision making, structuring the problem and modeling, problem solving methods and softwares, and group decision making will be discussed.

Course Coordinator
Yusuf İlker Topcu
Özgür Kabak
Course Language
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