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GIT 608E - Project Strategies in GIS

Course Objectives

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been used for fulfilling many different work packages in different projects. Project management in GIS aims to maximize efficiency of decision making and planning, to provide efficient means for data distribution and handling, to eliminate redundant database-minimize duplication, to integrate information from many sources, to generate new information via complex analysis/queries involving geographical reference data, to update data quickly and cheaply. This course aims to teach the use of organizational structures, program governance, strategic and implementation planning, project planning and management, financial management, human resources and team building, legal concerns, policies and standards, technical management and administration in GIS Project management.

Course Description

Project concept and introduction to project management, project management methodologies, management of GIS projects, human resources and team building, funding and financial management, standards related to GIS and project management, examples on GIS projects.

Course Coordinator
Dursun Zafer Şeker
Course Language
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