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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Temel Bilişim Yazılımları
English Fundamental Software of Informatics
Course Code
HBM 801 Credit Lecture
Semester -
- 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Adem Tekin
Course Objectives 1. To provide the student with a basic understanding of software used in informatics
2. To prepare students on how to use Fortran/C and scripting tools to manage scientific and engineering projects
Course Description Introduction to operating systems (linux/Unix), fundamental commands, shell programming,
the concept of bash, tc, korn, etc., the structure of makefile and make command, AWK,
GNUPLOT, Fortran and its applications, Octave and its applications, abstract data types,
arrays, stacks, queues, trees and hashtable.
Course Outcomes M.Sc./Ph.D. students who successfully pass this course gain knowledge, skill and competency in the following subjects;

1. Understand the general mechanisms of Linux operating system
2. Demonstrate ability to use Linux operating system
3. Create scientific plots
4. Create efficient shell scripting solutions to system administration tasks
5. Apply several programming languages to solve problems in science and engineering
6. Understand well-known generic data structures and apply them to solve problems
Required Facilities
Other References
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