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GIT 515 - Urban Information Systems

Course Objectives

Urban Information System is one of the urban-based applications of geographic information systems. Especially large-scale urban data, spatial data integration with the lower-upper structure information is important for city managers. Engineering activities within the scope of the city with a more efficient use of urban planning and decision-making process is accelerating. Reached the dimensions of information technology and urban management, urban information systems are indispensable for effective decision constitute that aimed with the course.

Course Description

Basics of urban information systems. Map and thematic maps requirements. Relation of GIS and urban information systems. Spatial analysis in urban information systems. Organization of information in urban management. Integration of GIS for urban planning and data updating. Design of urban information systems. Services based processes and case studies for urban information systems.

Course Coordinator
Ahmet Özgür Doğru
Course Language
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