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UAH 525E - Principles of Remote Sensing

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are:
i. provide a qualitative and quantitative introduction to the fundamentals of acquiring,
analyzing and utilizing remote sensing
ii. describe the fundamentals of remote sensing
iii. explain fundamental concepts and methods in digital image processing to be applied for multi-disciplinary applications

Course Description

Definition of Remote Sensing (RS), Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Electromagnetic spectrum, EMR interactions with atmosphere and Earth surface, Spectral signatures, Data Acquisition Systems in RS, Sensor types: Passive sensors: non-scanning, non-imaging systems, scanning imaging systems; Active sensors: non-scanning non-imaging systems, scanning imaging systems; Data Interpretation and analysis , image interpration, Digital Image Processing, image processing, image enhancement and transformation, geometric correction, atmospheric correction image classification

Course Coordinator
Elif Sertel
Course Language
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