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BIL 106E - Intr to Sci&Eng Comp (Fortran)

Course Objectives

1 - To develop enough familiarity with the specific programming environment
2 - To develop an understanding of fundamental programming logic and programming techniques
3 - To develop the knowledge of editing, compiling, running and debugging of a program
4 - To develop a working knowledge on the computer algorithms and programming language of different numerical methods which are used to solve scientific and engineering problems
5 - To emphasize on developing the students ability to analyze and solve problems by using high level programming language

Course Description

Introduction to Programming, Flowcharts, Algorithm Design, Introduction to Fortran Programming, Simple I/O, Arithmetic Operators Data Types, Logical Expressions Control Statements : IF Structure, Control Statements : CASE Structure, Repetitive Structure : DO, WHILE Loops, Formatted I/O, File Processing, Subprograms (Modules, Procedures, functions and Subroutines), Arrays, Basic Engineering Applications

Course Coordinator
Reha Yavuz
Course Language
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