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GIT 511E - Principles of GNSS

Course Objectives

GPS as a one of the GNSS system is a satellite based navigation system developed by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). This method has been densely used for determining 3D positioning for surveying, scientific or other applications because of the advantages. The objective of the course is to develop a knowledge of GPS and other GNSS systems and their components, examines the GPS signal structure, discussion of the errors and biases that affect the GPS measurements, observation and data processing techniques for GIS. The common GPS & GNSS applications in the various fields and other satellite navigation systems developed or proposed in different parts of the world are also given.

Course Description

Introduction to Space-based Positioning Systems, introduction to GPS and its principles. Datums, oordinate and time systems in GPS. Signal structure, GPS positioning modes, GPS observation techniques, GPS errors and biases, data processing, application fields of GNSS, other satellite navigation systems. .

Course Coordinator
Rahmi Nurhan Çelik
Course Language
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