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GIT 503E - Princip.of Geo-Informat.Syste.

Course Objectives

Geographic Information Systems & Science (GIS] are an integrative set of concepts and technologies, including data capture, data analysis, and output of spatial information. This course aims to an overview of the GIS concepts, functions, and use of GIS basics, software and hardware combined with a service-learning, community, regional project that engages the students in an actual GIS application.

Course Description

A general view of information systems. Spatial and non-spatial information systems and main application areas. Introduction to GIS and basic definitions. Concept of geo-referenced data, and general working styles of GIS, main elements and functions of GIS. Data collection methods, digitizing, and editing techniques in GIS. Basic database management approaches, software and hardware systems in GIS.

Course Coordinator
Dursun Zafer Şeker
Course Language
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