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BBL 512E - Advanced Topics in Computer Networks

Course Objectives

Bu ders güncel haberleşme protokollerinin, tekniklerinin ve ilgili konuların öğretilmesini hedefler.

Course Description

Widespread use of optical fiber to transmit data has made tremendous increase in network bandwidth possible. Moreover, increase in CPU power allowed us to deploy faster devices (routers, switches,..) in networks. As a result, services supporting digital audio and video can be supported. All this transformation has caused new communication protocols to be developed. This course focuses on these new communication protocols and techniques. The issues related to QoS will be discussed. Classification of traffic, traffic management and shaping will be studied. Queue management techniques, especially active queue management, switching, MPLS, multicasting, wireless boroadband and necessary protocols will be examined. Papers which are selected by the instructor from the prestigious journals on computer communications such as IEEE ToN, IEEE JSAC, Elsevier Computer Networks, Elsevier Computer Communications… and from the proceedings of some major conferences on communications will be discussed.

Course Coordinator
Sema Fatma Oktuğ
Course Language
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