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HBM 516E - Scientific Visualization

Course Objectives

1 - To gain basic knowledge and skills in the field of scientific visualisation
2 - To introduce the necessary tools and methods required for the visualization and processing different data types
3 - To gain basic knowledge and skills in usage of animation in scientific visualization

Course Description

With the rapid evolution over the last few decades of information technologies, high performance computing systems, and observation networks, scientific tasks related to analyzing and modeling different physical processes have become increasingly complex and computationally demanding. Due to the nature of the increased volume and resolution (both temporal and spatial) of the produced data and complexity of the used modeling systems, the tools to visualize the data have been also evolved and transformed. As a result of the shift from sequential and relatively simple scientific visualization tools to the complicated ones with the parallel data processing support using CPU/GPU based systems have been focus of wide variety of research fields such as computer graphics, programming, parallel computing and distributed databases.

Course Coordinator
Ufuk Utku Turunçoğlu
Course Language
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