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BLU 502E - Optimization Methods in Informatics

Course Objectives

This purpose of this course is to introduce students to optimization techniques and the fundamentals of operations research so that student can apply their knowledge to variety of topics including but not limited to the informatics applications. The first half of the course will focus on the linear programming methods and specifically the application of simplex algorithm. The second half of the lecture discusses special applications of simplex algorithm as well as integer and nonlinear programming.

Course Description

Specifically, the course will enable the students to gain a working knowledge of and appreciation for:
• Translating a verbal or graphical description of a decision problem into a valid optimization model (by identifying variables, constraints and objective functions)
• Interpret the meaning and assess the validity of a particular optimization model
• Find solutions to optimization problems using the most appropriate algorithm
• Perform sensitivity analysis by tracing the effects of varying a parameter on the optimal deci-sion variables and the objective function.

Course Coordinator
Hamza Salih Erden
Course Language
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