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BGK 602 - Information Security Audit and Assurance

Course Objectives

As global networks expand the interconnection of the world, the smooth operation of communication and computing systems becomes vital. The immediate need for organizations to protect critical information continues to increase. IT advances have introduced new risks* that require unique internal controls and also have had great influences on auditing. In this course, we will first present an overview of information systems audit (or information technology autid). We then discuss alternative audit approaches and review the internal control concerns.

Course Description

. Auditing, Assurance, and Internal Control
2. Computer Assisted Audit Tools and Technologies (CAATT)
3. CAATTs for Data Extraction and Analysis
4. Introduction to Information Security
5. The Need for Security
6. Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Information Security
7. Risk Management: Identifying and Assessing Risk
8. Risk Management: Assessing and Controlling Risk
9. Blueprint for Security

Course Coordinator
Nafiz Ünlü
Course Language
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