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BLU 524E - Data Center Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency

Course Objectives

This purpose of this course is to introduce students to data centers and the infrastructure supporting the information technology (IT) equipment with a focus on the energy efficiency aspects of various designs. This course will briefly introduce servers, storage and networking equipment that are housed in data centers, but most of the focus of the course will be directed at the power and cooling infrastructure that supports the IT equipment.

Course Description

Specifically, the course will enable the students to gain a working knowledge of and appreciation for:
• Architectural design of data centers
• Drivers for energy efficient data centers
• Environmental operating conditions for data centers
• Best practices and energy efficient technologies for data centers
• Basic financial aspects of Data Center operation – ROI and TCO analysis
• Key energy efficient metrics for a data center
• Green Data Centers based on case studies
• Ventilation systems for data center
• Electrical design of data centers including direct current option
• New technologies for data center power and cooling including fuel cells and solar

Course Coordinator
Hamza Salih Erden
Course Language
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