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BBL 512E - Advanced Topics in Computer Networks

Course Objectives

1) Building on basic computer networking knowledge to an advanced level
2) Teaching the state-of-the-art components of the Internet
3) Getting the students acquainted in state-of-the-art wireless and optical networking
4) Having students conduct small scale research in computer networking

Course Description

TCP/IP protocol stack, internet architecture, routing and congestion control in the internet, traffic engineering in the internet, service differentiation, Multiprotocol Label Switching, content delivery networks, peer-to-peer networking, cloud computing, network function virtualization, software defined networking, optical networks, optical circuit/packet/burst switching, fiber delay lines, wavelength division multiplexing, wavelength conversion, wireless networking, WiFi, ad hoc and sensor networks, pervasive computing, network security, attack detection, encryption, network management, service planning and monitoring, pricing

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Akif Yazıcı
Course Language
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