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UAH 513E - Fourier Series and Its Application

Course Objectives

.To provide students the basic concepts about Fourier series, through to the time domain frequency domain to facilitate the study of periodic events to analyze the complex phenomena, Improve Application using theoretical information.

Course Description

Fourier series, orthogonal functions, Fourier Sine Cosine series, derivation of Fourier series, integration, complex structure of the Fourier integral, Definition, Characteristics, Fourier sine and cosine transforms, the transformation of derivative, derivative, convolution features, Parseval theorem, generalized functions, test functions, generalized functions, properties of generalized functions, pulse function, generalized functions as pulse function, features, some unique and Fourier transformation of periodic function: the generalized functions of the Fourier transformation, Fourier transformation of the pulse function, the Fourier transform fixed, Fourier transform of the unit step functions, Fourier transformation of periodic function, Norbert Wiener theorem, Fourier transformation of equally spaced pulses Function Series, Fourier transformation of boundary value problems and solutions of differential equations, discrete Fourier transform: discrete Fourier transform

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Helvacı
Course Language
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