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GIT 603E - Professionalism in GI-Techno

Course Objectives

“Being professional” in the Geographic Information Science and Technology, means being
both competent in one’s work and reflective about its legal and ethical implications.
Licensed and certified GIS professionals are required to affirm their commitment to legal
and ethical practice. Fulfilling such commitments requires the ability to analyse legal and
ethical problems to act with integrity.
• In this course students investigate the nature of profession generally and the
characteristics of the profession that occupy GIS in particular. Students gain awareness of
related legal and ethical issues and develop their moral reasoning skills through
methodical analyses of case studies.

Course Description

Legal and ethical issues in GIS, Copyrights and accreditation in GIS applications, Cost-benefit analysis of GIS project with respect to in-tangible features, Licensing process in GIS, Data sharing and pricing, GIS professional organizations.

Course Coordinator
Ahmet Özgür Doğru
Ahmet Özgür Doğru
Course Language
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