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PET 512E - Underground Storage of Nat.Gas

Course Objectives

1. To present the current state of natural gas and underground storage facilities in Turkey and in the
2. To introduce the needs for storage and the prediction of the residential gas demand by using the
Degree-Day method,
3. To study the properties of natural gas and the gas flow in pipelines, wellbores and porous media,
4. To discuss the static and dynamic wellbore pressure profiles and the ways to model them,
5. To teach the gas well tests and inflow performance relationship,
6. To discuss the classification of underground storage methods,
7. To introduce the design of the underground storage facility and its modeling approaches,
8. To inform about the management of underground storage facilities in Turkey.

Course Description

Current state of natural gas and underground storage facilities in Turkey and in the world. Properties and transportation of natural gas. Reasons for storage in underground. The need for the underground storage in Turkey. Degree-day method for predicting the gas consumption of the residential sector. Surface and underground storage methods. Storage in porous media, aquifers, and salt domes. Design of storage and its modeling. Management of underground storage fields in Turkey. Current research topics on underground storage.

Course Coordinator
Abdurrahman Satman
Course Language
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