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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Tentative Course Plan
Week Topics
1 Introduction. Overview of syllabus: Information on the course, homework assignments and term project.. Synopsis of the all the control techniques that will be covered in the course.
2 Review of conventional methods: Control system design requirements in terms of loop gain, sensitivity and complementary sensitivity functions. Phase lead compensator design. PD compensators.
3 Review of conventional methods: Phase lag compensator design. PI compensators. Lag-lead compensators. PID compensator design.
4 Review of state space methods: Controllability, observability. Pole placement controller design.
5 Review of state space methods: Observer design. Combined controller-observer design. LQR (Linear Quadratic Regulator)
6 Review of state space methods: LQR (Linear Quadratic Regulator). Kalman filter.
7 Input Shaping: Review of some digital control basics: discretization of a continuous time plant, the unit circle, Shannon’s sampling theorem and aliasing. Stable inversion, NMP zeros. Zero phase error tracking control.
8 Input Shaping: Precision tracking control (PTC). OPTC, EPTC, other approaches.
9 The model regulator. Continuous time design.
10 The model regulator. Discrete time design.
11 Introduction to repetitive control. Effect of time delays. The regeneration spectrum. Continuous time design.
12 Repetitive control. Discrete time design.
13 Short introduction of parameter space methods. D-stability, ?-stability. Mapping frequency domain bounds into parameter space.
14 Mapping frequency domain bounds into parameter space. Application to model regulator design. Application to repetitive controller design.
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