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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish İleri Kuyu Testleri Analizi
English Advanced Well Test Analysis
Course Code
PET 504E Credit Lecture
Semester 2
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator İhsan Murat Gök
Course Objectives Fundamentals of well testing and analysis; Injection/falloff, drawdown/buildup tests; Derivations of flow
equations describing unsteady flow of fluids (single, multi-phase fluid flow) in porous media; Solutions of
diffusivity equations with different initial and boundary conditions; Interference testing; Modelling of
wellbore storage and skin effects; Conventional analysis techniques (manual type-curve matching and
straight line methods); Modern analysis techniques (pressure-derivative and pressure-integral methods,
computer aided automated type-curve matching); Superposition in space and time (modelling interference
effects between wells, boundary and variable flow rate effects); Flow regimes observed in vertical wells
producing in infinite and bounded homogeneous systems; Convolution and Deconvolution; Well test
analysis in gas wells; Drill stem testing (DST); An overview of pressure transient analyses in complex
well/reservoir systems (horizontal wells, naturally fractured reservoirs).
Course Description Pressure transient formation and well testing is an important tool used in the industry to obtain useful
information about the well and the reservoir system and hence construct a well/reservoir model which is
crucial to reservoir management and field-development planning. In recent years, improvements in
measurements and computer technologies have led to the developments of new pressure transient test
types, complex well/reservoir interpretation models, and analysis methods. The main objectives of this
course are to acquaint the students with the basic methodologies to be considered in the design,
interpretation and analysis of pressure transient tests, derivations of the basic flow equations used, and the
conventional and modern analysis methods.
Course Outcomes
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