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MIA 503E - Advanced Fluid Dynamics

Course Objectives

1 Knowledge in the key areas of viscous fluid mechanics and use this knowledge in the solution of engineering problems of interest.
2 A logical basis as an introduction to a further course in turbulent and compressible flows.

Course Description

Basic concepts, definitions. Flow kinematics. Conservation equations of viscous flows. Dimensionless form of governing equations, dimensionless parameters in viscous flows. Vorticity transport equation. Low-Reynolds number flows. Exact solution of viscous flow problems: Couette and Poiseulle flows, Stokes' problems, plane stagnation point flow, flow over a porous wall. Laminar boundary layers, Similarity solutions. Momentum Integral formulation. Boundary layer separation, Laminar jets, free shear layers. Introduction to flow stability and turbulence.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Öksüzoğlu
Course Language
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