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FIZ 641E - Monte Carlo Simulati.in Phys.

Course Objectives

Basics of Monte Carlo (MC), Random number generator, To learn uncertainties in measurements, measuring errors, to calculate mean and standard deviation of distributions, To introduce probability, Bayes theorem, mode, variance, covariance, confidence and statistic, To analyze common probability distributions, such as binomial, Poisson, Gaussian, chi-squared, To understand error analysis, instrumental and statistical uncertainties; propagation of errors, To learn least square method, minimization techniques, parameter estimation, statistical tests, hypothesis testing, Markov chain fitting by Monte Carlo method, MC simulation of ensembles, MC and statistical physics, Simulating atomic systems, Metropolis. Calculating thermodynamic quantities. Annealing a metal, Travelling salesman, Quantum Monte Carlo, Variational principle. Ising model, Solving Linear sets of equations and Integral equations. Transport and radiation effect simulations.

Course Description

1. Calculating physical quantities with simulation by using computer codes for the cases where performing an experiment is possible or even impossible,
2. For this purpose, showing Monte Carlo Simulations, its methods, and subtleties, 3. Producing and using Monte Carlo Simulation computer code.

Course Coordinator
Kerem Cankoçak
Course Language
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