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ZMG 508E - Environmental Geotechnics

Course Objectives

Environmental pollution, regular storage of residential and industrial waste, geotechnical design for solid waste landfill sites and its use in foundation engineering applications.

Course Description

Forms of Waste, Regulations Governing Solid Waste Disopsal, Site Selection, Index Properties Soils and Waste, Compressibility and Strength, Site Investigations, Leachet and Gas Formation and Soil Structure, Hydraulic Properties of Industrial Waste and Soils, Geotechnical Design Considerations for Solid Waste Landfill Sites, Design and Stability Analises of Landfill Sites, Settlement of Soils and Waste, Geotechnical Properties of Fly-Ash and Their Uses in Geotechnical Engineering Projects, Case Studies.

Course Coordinator
Aykut Şenol
Course Language
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