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BLG 521E - Advanced Artificial Intell.

Course Objectives


Course Description

Artificial Intelligence BLG 521E Spring - 2018
• Grading Policy: 30% HWs, 30% Project, 30% Final, Class Participation
• Lectures on Wednesdays (morning and afternoon sessions) in every two weeks.
• Required Background: Probability and Stochastic Processes (BBL 501, KOM 505E, or similar grad. level course).
• Recommended to take a convex optimization course.

Feb 14 Organizational issues. Course outline. Agents.
Feb 28 Search Algorithms and Heuristics
Mar 14 Uncertainty - Probability
Mar 28 Optimization
Apr 11 Machine Learning Concepts, Learning from Observations
Apr 25 SVM, Neural Networks
May 09 Deep Learning Paradigm
May 23 Project Presentations

Course Coordinator
Behçet Uğur Töreyin
Course Language
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