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YIP 503 - Financial Reporting and Analysis for Construction Contractors

Course Objectives

Learning construction managers how to evaluate and control the success of his work, inform top management about the financial trend of the events.
2. Giving the reading information about accounting to develop his own business or to communicate with clients and banks.
3. Teaching the accounting principles, to give the information on contractor’s financial statements analysis and to develop the financial planning ability for construction managers.

Course Description

Course notes concerns; managerial accounting principles, engineering needs of accounting, essential financial reports, bookkeeping fundamantals,, hierarcy of accounts, financial statement preparation, asset and liabilities valuations, analyzing construction firms financial data, international project accounting standarts, recognition of income for long-term construction and repair projects, construction contractors’ financial budgeting, and case studies.

Course Coordinator
Feyzi Haznedaroğlu
Course Language
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