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GEO 513 - Mathematical Statistics & Hyphothesis Testing

Course Objectives

i) Anaysis and testing the measurements and the estimated parameters in geomatic engineering

ii) To give information on the confidence regions of the decisions based on the measurements and the estimated parameters, and improving the scientific quality of the engineering research.

Course Description

Probability Concept, Distribution Functions, Binom Distributions, Side Distributions. Expectation Value, Moment, Variance, Covariance and their Experimantal Correspond. Normal Distributions, Parameter Estimation Methods and Gauss- Markof Model. Special Gauss- Markof Model Estimations, Variance Analysis, Regression Model. GMM Estimation of Parameter Vector, Conditional Model, Test Distributions, Square Forms. Test Distributions of Parmeter Estimation, Wishant Distributions. Hypothesis Tests and Test Statistics The Fundamental Concepts and Principles, Model Tests Interval Estimation, Confidence Interval, Confidence Region, and Their usage in Hypothesis Tests

Course Coordinator
Orhan Akyılmaz
Orhan Akyılmaz
Course Language
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