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ZMG 606E - Advanced Top.in Geotec.Eng.

Course Objectives

1) Learning general information about special topics on geotechnical earthquake engineering,
2) Learning general information about special topics on earthquake engineering,
3) Getting information about the research fields on earthquake engineering
4) Developing new research ideas and working on literature review
5) Preparing literature review paper

Course Description

Lecture Series on special topics on Geotechnical Earthquake and Earthquake Engineering. Topics by Tokyo Technology Institute, National Taiwan University, METU and ITU: Liquefaction of soils during earthquakes, tsunami disaster, remote sensing, seismic hazard assessment, physical modeling on the seismic disasters on landslides, soil-structure interaction, structural assessment for historical structures, forced vibration tests, seismic base isolation.
Scientific research literature review and review paper preparation

Course Coordinator
Esra Ece Bayat
Course Language
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