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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Söylem Temelli Tasarım Kuramları
English Theor.in Discur.Infor.Design
Course Code
EUT 622E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Özge Çelikoğlu
Course Objectives 1. Introducing a deeper understanding on the relation between design and discourse
2. Obtaining comprehension on different discourses related to communication, culture and design
3. Enabling competence in developing a critical view on discourses and discursive limitations
4. Providing competence in exploring design discourse based on critical and inclusive perspectives
Course Description What is discourse? An Introduction. Elements of discourse; principles of critical discourse analysis; investigating processes of social construction through discourse. An overview on language theories; language constructing reality; the concept of product language. Metaphor and metonymy; the concept of generative metaphor; stimulating/transforming design ideas, products, and use through metaphors. Speech acts; speech act oriented discourse analysis; speech forming/informing design. Dialogue; a dialogical exploration of design; design as hermeneutic circle; how artifacts exist, change and disappear in conversation. Culture and language; the concept of interpretation; the relation of habitual thought and behavior to language; design as making sense of things; cultural interpretations in/ of design. Narrative development and authorship; narrative practice and coherence of stories; narrative as a metaphor of design; developing meaning making narratives for design. Everyday discourse; the foundation of knowledge in everyday life; the concept of performance in everyday life; ethnography for design in symbolic interaction context. Human-centered discourse; object-subject duality; from human-centered to user-centered design; a critical standpoint on the concept of the user. Agency of objects; an overview on the material semiotic approach; the theory of affordances and reflections on design. Design discourse; ontological design; design as hermeneutical circle; design as communication. Discursive limitations; institutionalized discourses; discursive and practical consciousness; entrapment in discourse. Practices of discursively informed design; design problems and paradoxes; towards redesigning the design discourse.
Course Outcomes
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