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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Hava Fotoğraflarının Yorumu
English Interpretation of Aerial Photographs
Course Code
JEO 567 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 - - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Enver Vural Yavuz
Course Objectives To contribute to field studies by taking advantage of morphology - geology relations on aerial photographs and to make predictions about geological problems before going on land. Among the most important studies of hydrogeological studies, it also contributes to the investigation of groundwater potential of plains or aquifers.
Course Description Within the scope of the course, basic concepts in remote sensing, types of images, some basic characteristics of aircraft and satellite photographs, photo pairs, methods of examining aerial photographs, geological interpretation on aerial photographs, morphological, tectonic, petrographic interpretations and applications, presentation of the results of the photogeological research.
Course Outcomes
Required Facilities
Other References
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