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IPY 509 - New Trends in Construction Firms Management

Course Objectives

This course is based on management theories and its applications in the construction industry. Common and applied management theories underlie this course such as classical theory, behavioral theory, modern theory and also postmodern and contemporary theories. The main subject of this course is common modern management approaches around the world and their applications and implementations in the construction industry

Course Description

Management Science, Functions of Management, Management Theories and their Evolution, Factors Affecting New Progress, Classical Theory, Behavioral Theory, Modern Theories – System Theory, Population Theory, Postmodern Theory and Contemporary Approaches – Total Quality Management, Benchmarking, Re-Engineering Business Process, Value Engineering, Lean Organizations, Lean Management, Empowerment, Outsourcing, Strategic Alliances, Learning Organizations, Downsizing and their Applications in the Construction Industry

Course Coordinator
Elçin Filiz Taş
Course Language
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