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UUT 513E - Experim.Methods in Flui.Dynam.

Course Objectives

To teach concepts of experimental engineering and measurement techniques .
To provide students with laboratory experience in fluid mechanics.

Course Description

In brief, the course will deal with the measurement of mean and fluctuating quantities important in fluid dynamics. The former will include the measurement of static and stagnation pressures and temperatures (including probe design, limitations, errors, etc.), heat transfer rates, skin friction, boundary layer properties, flow angularity and flow visualization methods. Fluctuating quantities will primarily include pressures and velocities. Data acquisition systems (analog to digital converters, filters, etc.) data acquisition techniques (sampling and filtering rates including aliasing problems) and the definition and physical interpretation of basic properties of fluctuating signals such as mean and rms values, power spectra, cross-correlations, probability density distributions, etc. Will be discussed.

Course Coordinator
Nuriye Leman Okşan Çetiner Yıldırım
Course Language
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