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GEO 601 - Calibration of The Photogrammetric Data Acquisition Equipment

Course Objectives

Developing methods for testing and calibration of different camera parameters (such as electronic order, information storage and transmission channels) as well as developments in digital cameras and image acquisition systems along with classical field and laboratory testing techniques
To develop theoretical background and experimental mechanisms related to the accuracy and stability of these parameters as well as the values ??obtained by classical test and calibration methods.

Course Description

Definition and Purpose of Calibration, Internal Direction Elements and Error Sources of Drawing Machines, Radial Distortion and Tangential Distortion, Calibration Methods of Drawing Machines, Calibration with Linear Transformation, Calibration with Known Star Positions, Calibration Methods with Goniometers, Calibration of Digital Drawing Machines, Other Photogrammetric Calibration of Systems, Calibration of Scanners, Calibration of Other Mechanical Systems, Calibration of Photo Detectors, Introduction of Calibration Software

Course Coordinator
Zaide Duran
Course Language
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