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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yönetim ve Organizasyon (İnşaat Sektörü için)
English Management and Organization
Course Code
PYY 502E Credit Lecture
Semester 1
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Metin Teberler
Course Objectives With this course, it is aimed to deliver management and organization concepts and to discuss major approaches through the analysis of cases by the participants who are particularly coming from construction industry and architecture and, who will have vision for their company and achieve the goals in the most effective and efficient manner through the intensive competition in today’s business world.
1. To deliver and discuss on management and organization concepts and major approaches
2. To understand management environment and functions,
3. To examine and analyze cases for applications in practice.
Course Description Management & organization with main concepts, Historical perspective and important implications, Management environment, Environment/situation analysis. Introduction to management functions, Management functions – planning, Strategic management approach, Management functions – organizing, Organizational behavior, Human resources management, Management functions – leading, Motivation, Communication. Teamwork, Controlling issues, Cases.
Course Outcomes (please see the course outline)
Required Facilities
Textbook (please see the course outline)
Other References (please see the course outline)
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