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JEO 569 - Geochemistry and health

Course Objectives

Nowadays, in order to create a healthy living environment, it has gained a special importance to define the geological characteristics of the region. In this context:
- Discussing the major, trace and radioactive elements together with their natural resources
- To discuss pollution caused by elements in soil, water and air
- To introduce the research methods used in the determination of geochemical contamination
- To give information about the effects of geochemical pollution on life
- To introduce studies on these subjects in the World
- To raise awareness on the contribution of the use of geochemical data in the health sector to the national economy.

Course Description

Discussion of health-disease concept; Basic characteristics of geological environment; basic concepts of geochemistry; general definitions and classification of elements; natural sources of elements; effects of elements on human health; contaminating soils, waters and atmosphere by elements and investigating methods these pollution; heavy metal pollution from mining sites (including metallic, non-metallic, fossil fuels and geothermal fields) and their impact on human health; examples from the world and our country; events that cause soil pollution and the impact of soil pollution on the health of living things; examples from the world and our country. Importance of geochemical data in health policies.

Course Coordinator
Yüksel Örgün Tutay
Course Language
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