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GEO 608 - Radar and Microwave Remote Sensing

Course Objectives

1. The objectives of the course are to demonstrate the application areas of new technologies such as microwave Remote Sensing and the radar data used for the solution of environmental problems/issues in World and Turkey.
2 It is aimed to improve the skills for analyzing and application of the methods by evaluating advantages and disadvantages of the new technologies such as microwave RS in environmental monitoring and management with the different case studies presented.

Course Description

Introduction, Remote Sensing and Radar, Radar Fundamentals – System and Target Parameters, Remote Sensing Microwave Systems (Imaging / Nonimaging Systems), Radar Image Data And Interpretation Techniques, Preprocessing, Image Distortions and Removal Image Enhancement and Feature Extraction , 3D Radar - Radar Interferometry, Case Studies, Presentations of Term Projects and Overview

Course Coordinator
Nebiye Musaoğlu
Course Language
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