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DEP 606E - Advanced Earthquake Analysis

Course Objectives

1. Understanding advanced topics in time domain analysis of structures,
2. Understanding the seismic analysis of structures in time and frequency domains,
3. Understanding complex problems such as structure-foundation-soil and structure fluid

Course Description

Advanced topics in time-domain dynamic analysis of structures: multiple support excitation;
non-proportional damping; reduction of degrees of freedom; modal contributions and modal
truncation concepts; static correction for higher modes; mode-acceleration method;
unsymmetric-plan buildings. Frequency domain analysis of dynamic response; discrete Fourier
transform methods.Linear time history analysis. Nonlinear time history analysis. Analysis of
structures including structure-foundation-soil interaction; dynamics of foundations; substructure
analysis procedures; interaction effects; simplified procedures. Analysis of structures with fluidstructure
interaction; hydrodynamic solutions; substructure analysis procedures; interaction
effects; simplified procedures.

Course Coordinator
Reşat Atalay Oyguç
Course Language
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