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MAK 587E - Combustion Fundamentals

Course Objectives

To provide essential knowledge on combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels to students.

Course Description

Review of Stochiometric Relations, generalized reaction equations; Basic Definitions; mixture fraction, heat value, heat of reaction, adiabatic flame temperature; Chemical Reactions with Finite Reaction Rate and Thermo Chemical Equilibrium; reaction rate, rate coefficients, Arhenius model, complex chemical equilibrium and dissociation, calculation of equilibrium constant and composition, models for combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, flame temperature calculation, Non-Equilibrium Processes; partially equilibrium assumption, Combustion Kinetics and Sensitivity Analyses; kinetics equations, solution methods for stiff ODE’s ; Reduction of Chemical Reactions; justification of steady state assumption, reduced mechanisms for hydrogen-oxygen, hydrogen-air, methane-air and higher molecule hydrocarbons-air mixtures, Ignition and Explosion theories; Auto-ignition temperatures and ignition delay, thermal explosion theory, explosion limits for fuel-air mixtures;
Conservation equations for multi component reacting systems; Flame phenomena; Flames in premixed combustible gases, Laminar flames, Turbulent flames. Vaporization and burning of a fuel droplet; Diffusion flames, soot formation and air pollution.

Course Coordinator
Metin Ahmet Ergeneman
Course Language
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