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VIA 512E - Simulation Modelling

Course Objectives

1. Make students attain the ability to model a (moderately) complex production/service system by simulation technique.
2. Make student attain the ability to analyze the simulation output data.
3. Make students learn how to interpret model output, for decision support.
4. Teach students to use a contemporary simulation software, competently.

Course Description

Fundamentals of the simulation technique: concepts, definition, purpose, classification, stages and usage areas.Input Data Collection, Random number generation, Probability Function Fitting to the Input Data, Monte Carlo Simulation Technique. Simulation modeling of a Single Server Production/Service System. Modeling Production/Assembly Lines-Applciation in Simio. Modeling of the Smart Factories-Application in Simio/Arena. In-plant Logistics Modeling-Application in Arena/Simio. Statistical Analysis and Interpretation of Model Output Data

Course Coordinator
Şule Itır Satoğlu
Course Language
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